What’s Inspected
  • Body & Structure
  • Brakes & Tyres
  • Mirrors
  • Suspension
  • Steering
  • Fuel System
  • Drive Train
  • Lights & Horn


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£29 / All Makes and Models

A Comprehensive inspection of your motorbike to ensure it is in a roadworthy condition. Enabling you to feel safe and secure driving your vehicle, knowing that it has been assessed by a fully qualified and experienced mechanic.

What If It Fails

If any faults are found with your vehicle during the inspection, advice will be given about what is required in order for your vehicle to pass. In many cases the repairs can be made without the vehicle leaving the garage, enabling you to leave with your renewed M.O.T. certificate.
Should you require to return at a more convenient time a FREE retest is offered within a 10-day period.

A Legal Requirement

A vehicle legally requires an MOT test once it is more than three years old. These tests ensure your vehicle meets the minimum standards of safety and roadworthiness, ensuring you, your family and other road users are SAFE.
Without a valid MOT, your road tax and vehicle insurance are invalid. Make sure that you keep your MOT up-to-date. You can book your MOT up to 30 days before your current certificate expires.

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